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Extending My Workout

As time went on and I continued exercising with Bodies in Motion, I found it was getting easier and I was ready to add to my routine. There was another ½ hour show on ESPN after Bodies in Motion that I thought I could try. The TV show was called Basic Training. It was also set in Hawaii but on a military airstrip. At the beginning of the show the host, Ada Janklowicz would land in a Sikorsky helicopter. Ada is Gilad Janklowicz’s sister so I figured since Gilad’s exercise program was so helpful for me hers might be helpful as well. It was a great show and also a great addition to my workout. Ada provided the same motivation I found with Bodies in Motion so I continued this routine for some time. There is a video available based on the show so if you are looking for a good workout video I recommend trying Basic training.

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My First Exercise Program

When I first started exercising routinely back in the ’80s, I found some exercise programs on ESPN. I decided to start there and see if they were something I could handle as a beginner. One of the first shows I exercised to regularly was Gilad’s Bodies in Motion. I can recall it being very challenging but I was determined to get in shape so I kept going. It was a ½ hour show set in Hawaii and the scenery was beautiful as were the people exercising. I figured that was a great place to start so I became a faithful follower. Gilad Janklowicz was the fitness instructor and host of the show. He can really get you motivated and make you feel that you can do anything you put your mind to.

In preparing to write this, I searched for Gilad’s name to make sure I spelled it right and discovered he is still going strong with exercise videos and TV programs on FitTV. Gilad’s website has an abundant amount of information on getting fit. He helped me when I started exercising and he may help you too!

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