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Work it Off-Cardio Dance

I have done other video workouts with Tracy York and Michelle Dozois, the instructors in this video, and have always enjoyed them. This did not disappoint. This is a good dance workout with fairly easy to follow steps. The cardio dance portion lasts for about 40 minutes and is a good workout by itself but there is also a 30 minute pilates routine that is like the icing on the cake of this workout. After completing this workout, I felt that I had a good total body workout.

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Burning the Fat

Trying to decipher all of the fitness and diet information out there can be so confusing.  I’m always looking for realistic advice on maintaining my weight, exercise, and what the best foods are to aid in fat loss.

As I was searching for information on losing fat, I kept coming across information on the book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. It seemed like everywhere I looked, there was someone talking about it. I decided to go to the website to see what the hype is all about. The author of the book, Tom Venuto, is a natural bodybuilder and has written a lot of articles for different fitness and bodybuilding magazines. After reading all the testimonials about the book, I continued to read about his experiences and the knowledge he has gained over the years in regard to bodybuilding without supplements. It seems like he really knows what he’s talking about. He doesn’t pull any punches when talking about all of the lies and misconceptions on losing weight, exercise, and supplements. I signed up to his newsletter and also a 12 part mini course on “Big Fat Lies”.

I just completed reading the 12th part of Big Fat Lies and the whole series was quite eye opening. I’ve learned some pretty interesting things on all the lies that are spewed on the public and they all make perfect sense. The bottom line is you get out what you put in. The only REAL way to lose weight and be fit is to work hard for it. There are no miracles.

Karen Voight – YogaSculpt

As I do a workout, I like to review it while it is fresh in my mind. I have done this YogaSculpt workout quite a few times and it is still a challenge for me. Karen Voight is a good instructor. She moves through each pose very easily and it is easy to follow. It is just her in the video and there is not really any beginner level instructions although she does tell you on certain poses when you can use a block. It consists of about 25 minutes of standing poses and 20 minutes of matwork, a combination of yoga and pilates, to help strengthen your abs and back. I am not a heavy duty Yoga practitioner but the workout is good and I would recommend it to anyone above a beginner level who wants a good workout.

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