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Extending My Workout

As time went on and I continued exercising with Bodies in Motion, I found it was getting easier and I was ready to add to my routine. There was another ½ hour show on ESPN after Bodies in Motion that I thought I could try. The TV show was called Basic Training. It was also set in Hawaii but on a military airstrip. At the beginning of the show the host, Ada Janklowicz would land in a Sikorsky helicopter. Ada is Gilad Janklowicz’s sister so I figured since Gilad’s exercise program was so helpful for me hers might be helpful as well. It was a great show and also a great addition to my workout. Ada provided the same motivation I found with Bodies in Motion so I continued this routine for some time. There is a video available based on the show so if you are looking for a good workout video I recommend trying Basic training.

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