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Crunch Candlelight Yoga

If you have had a rough day and need something to help lower your stress level, Crunch Candlelight Yoga may just be the ticket for you. I just completed the video and I feel so loose and relaxed that I could just go to sleep. It is about a 40 minute yoga routine that is very easy to follow. There are no hard poses in the video and it is more focused on helping you to relax by stretching and breathing. It will also help if your muscles are feeling tight and you need to stretch them out. They give you modifications to the poses so even if you are a beginner, you will be able to benefit from this video.

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Crunch Candleight Yoga

Karen Voight – YogaSculpt

As I do a workout, I like to review it while it is fresh in my mind. I have done this YogaSculpt workout quite a few times and it is still a challenge for me. Karen Voight is a good instructor. She moves through each pose very easily and it is easy to follow. It is just her in the video and there is not really any beginner level instructions although she does tell you on certain poses when you can use a block. It consists of about 25 minutes of standing poses and 20 minutes of matwork, a combination of yoga and pilates, to help strengthen your abs and back. I am not a heavy duty Yoga practitioner but the workout is good and I would recommend it to anyone above a beginner level who wants a good workout.

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